A soldier’s story

As a young boy from a single-parent household, Adrian was one of many young people facing an opportunity gap. As Adrian navigated through boyhood to manhood Adrian’s mother decided Adrian could benefit from a mentoring program because of the lack of positive male role models in his life. However, that decision would extend far beyond that.  
Adrian joined Boyz to Men of Honor at age 12. 10 years later as Adrian reflect on what B2MH has been to him he expresses his appreciation for B2MH and notes “I recall them always being there for me; from meeting with my counselors at school to walking me through the recruitment process into the army. Having mentors like Mr. Kirk and Mr. Greg and all the mentors in Boyz to Men of Honor connected me to community, opportunities, and a hope that some young men lose coming up without a strong male figure to guide them.” 
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