Programs & Services

Youth Services

Boyz To Men of Honor provides a variety of services designed to assist young males in building a successful path to manhood.  These programs and services emphasize changes in attitudes and behaviors which are apparent in increased school performance, decreased behavioral issues in the home and community settings, increased awareness and involvement in community activities, incorporation of a spiritual foundation, and acts which reflect a commitment to good physical and mental health.

These programs and services encompass individual and group strategies which focus on developing character traits, skills, and experiences to enable young males to achieve their academic, economic, physical, and spiritual goals and to co-exist as productive and responsible members of society.

Boyz to Men of Honor provides key programs and services for parents of young males.  These programs and services are designed to provide expertise and assistance for parents in their attempts to advocate for their sons and be a physical presence in a range of activities that are critical to their sons’ academic, social, physical and intellectual development.  Parents are also provided support groups and instructional forums through which they receive valuable feedback and information regarding parenting young males in our evolving society.

• Academic Assistance

• Community Involvement

• Developmental Classes

• Passport To Manhood Academy

• Friday Night Lights

• “Fathering the Fatherless” Mentoring Program

Support Services
• Advocacy
• Parenting Classes