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Boyz to Men of Honor, Inc. (B2MH) is a private, non-profit organization founded in April of 2009 by Gregory J. Vann to address the need for mentorship, guidance, and life skills development of young males.   Motivated by the alarming statistics associated with young males who lack positive males influences during critical childhood and adolescent milestones, B2MH utilizes a holistic approach to youth development which emphasizes the four domains of the S.P.I.S. model: Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, and Social.

MISSION STATEMENT :To provide opportunities for young, at-risk males to build character through youth, family and community education and support services.

Boyz to Men of Honor staff members possess years of experience working with youth in a variety of settings, including academic, juvenile detention, recreational, spiritual, and foster care settings. Staff members and volunteers bring expertise in the areas of education, coaching, social services, and youth development and have demonstrated commitment to helping young males grow to become contributing members of society.

>Boyz to Men of Honor, Inc .(B2MH Inc.)B2MH Inc. is dedicated to assisting single families and mothers in developing boys into emotionally competent, fully responsible men who are assets to their families, communities, and the generations preceding them.
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